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For over 30 years, Gary D. Halbert has published his analysis of the latest economic news, markets and political environment through the Forecasts & Trends newsletter. Originally only available to his clients and paid subscribers, he now brings his valuable insight to you free of charge through the weekly Forecasts & Trends E-Letter. His E-Letter is now widely published with nearly half a million subscribers.

Simply put, the Forecasts & Trends E-Letter is the best and most current way to read Gary's latest analysis of the economy, the markets, geopolitical developments and other topics of interest, as well as the real story on political developments in Washington. And his long-time readers know that Gary brings them the news, ideas and opinions that make them really think.

The Forecasts & Trends E-Letter is typically several pages long, covering several different topics.  Best of all, Gary includes specific links to articles and reports that support and document what he has written.  You simply click on them and you can read for yourself.

Gary has declined his usual copyright restriction on the Forecasts & Trends E-Letter for your family and friends, and you are free to forward it with proper credit. However, re-publishing (written or electronically) in its entirety or through the use of extensive quotes is prohibited without prior written consent. Or they can sign up to receive it free of charge on their own. We never sell or rent your email address. Once you are on our e-mail list, we send the E-Letters to you automatically as soon as they are written.

Give the Forecasts & Trends E-Letter a read. You may not agree with everything Gary says, but he'll make you think! And he will make you think about things you otherwise wouldn't know about.

44% of US Households Don’t Pay Any Federal Income Tax- April 25, 2017
Big Retailers Closing Stores At Record Pace In 2017 - Why?- April 18, 2017
Government Shutdown Looming? Not Anytime Soon- April 11, 2017
Private Sector Productivity Fell In 2016 - Worst Since 2009- April 4, 2017
The Fate Of The Federal Reserve Is Now Up For Grabs- March 28, 2017
Why President Trump’s Conservative Budget Is Going Nowhere- March 21, 2017
Decades-Long "Income Gap" Is Finally Reversing- March 14, 2017
America Continues To Lead the World in Wealth by a Longshot- March 7, 2017
Can Trump’s Economic Plan Jump-Start GDP Growth?- February 28, 2017
US Economic Freedom Index Plunged Over Last Eight Years- February 21, 2017
Yes, Republican Leaders Are Pushing For New Tax Increases- February 14, 2017
CBO: Jobless Rate To Fall & Wages To Rise Through 2018- February 7, 2017
Emerging Nations Facing A Looming US Dollar Crisis- January 31, 2017
Is China Dumping U.S. Dollars? Answer: Yes And No- January 24, 2017
Small Business Optimism Soars to Highest Level Since 2004- January 17, 2017
Economy Ends 2016 Strongly, Liberals Gaining On Conservatives- January 10, 2017
Most Americans Retire Too Early Despite Low Savings- January 3, 2017
Surprise: Fed Calls On Government To Spend More Money- December 27, 2016
Worker Productivity Growth Hits New Low - What Can Be Done?- December 20, 2016
Consumer Confidence Highest Since Before Great Recession- December 13, 2016
The Stampede From Active Management To Passive Investments- December 6, 2016
End Of TPP Brings New Opportunities For China & U.S.- November 29, 2016
Global Bonds In Worst Selloff In 13 Years - How Come?- November 22, 2016
How The Media Blew The Election & What To Watch For Just Ahead- November 15, 2016
Economy Is Weaker Than It Seems & Scary Facts On National Debt- November 8, 2016
3Q GDP Report Came In Better Than Expected At 2.9%- November 1, 2016
On China Dumping US Debt & What Happens After Trump- October 25, 2016
The Economy: Growth Has Been Weak But Long-Lasting- October 18, 2016
So Much For That Big Economic Surge In The Second Half- October 11, 2016
Liberal Judges Now Control 70% Of US Appeals Courts- October 4, 2016
Trump/Clinton Economic Plans Revisited, Extremely Different- September 27, 2016
Median Household Income Surged 5.2% In 2015 - Really?- September 20, 2016
Almost Six Million Unfilled Jobs In America - Question Is Why?- September 13, 2016
Why Working-Age Men Are Disappearing From The Workforce- September 6, 2016
Average Household Debt: $132,000 - Not Counting Mortgage- August 30, 2016
US Worker Productivity In Serious Decline -- The Reasons Why- August 23, 2016
Clinton & Trump Unveil Very Different Economic Plans- August 16, 2016
Another Strong Jobs Report, But Economy Remains Weak- August 9, 2016
GDP Stunner: 2Q Growth Was Less Than Half of Forecast- August 2, 2016
IMF Cuts Global Growth Forecast Less Than Expected- July 26, 2016
"How America Lost Its Mojo" - Some Troubling Trends- July 19, 2016
Stocks At Record High, Treasuries At Record Low - A Rarity- July 12, 2016
Is "Brexit" The Beginning of the End For European Union?- July 5, 2016
Business Startups Flock To Just 20 US Counties - Here’s Why- June 28, 2016
Fed Waves The White Flag On More Interest Rate Hikes- June 21, 2016
"BREXIT" - Should They Stay Or Should They Go?- June 14, 2016
Pathetic May Jobs Report - New Questions About US Economy- June 7, 2016
Fed: Almost Half of US Households Have Under $400 Saved- May 31, 2016
Fed Eager To Raise Rates In June, But Is It Serious This Time?- May 24, 2016
Americans Working Beyond Age 65 Hits New Record- May 17, 2016

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