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For over 30 years, Gary D. Halbert has published his analysis of the latest economic news, markets and political environment through the Forecasts & Trends newsletter. Originally only available to his clients and paid subscribers, he now brings his valuable insight to you free of charge through the weekly Forecasts & Trends E-Letter. His E-Letter is now widely published with nearly half a million subscribers.

Simply put, the Forecasts & Trends E-Letter is the best and most current way to read Gary's latest analysis of the economy, the markets, geopolitical developments and other topics of interest, as well as the real story on political developments in Washington. And his long-time readers know that Gary brings them the news, ideas and opinions that make them really think.

The Forecasts & Trends E-Letter is typically several pages long, covering several different topics.  Best of all, Gary includes specific links to articles and reports that support and document what he has written.  You simply click on them and you can read for yourself.

Gary has declined his usual copyright restriction on the Forecasts & Trends E-Letter for your family and friends, and you are free to forward it with proper credit. However, re-publishing (written or electronically) in its entirety or through the use of extensive quotes is prohibited without prior written consent. Or they can sign up to receive it free of charge on their own. We never sell or rent your email address. Once you are on our e-mail list, we send the E-Letters to you automatically as soon as they are written.

Give the Forecasts & Trends E-Letter a read. You may not agree with everything Gary says, but he'll make you think! And he will make you think about things you otherwise wouldn't know about.

How China Could Punish the US in a Trade War- March 20, 2018
China & Japan Are Reducing US Dollar Holdings – Why? - March 13, 2018
Tariffs Hurt All Americans, Tax Cuts Gain Popularity- March 6, 2018
The Fallacy of America’s "Crumbling Infrastructure"- February 27, 2018
Our Scary Return To Trillion-Dollar Budget Deficits- February 20, 2018
The Worst Week In A Decade For US Stocks- February 13, 2018
Demographic Trends Suggest Slower US Economic Growth- February 6, 2018
The US Economy Disappointed In The Fourth Quarter- January 30, 2018
Savings Rate Lowest In A Decade, Credit Card Balances Soar- January 23, 2018
Stocks Definitely Overvalued – Government Shutdown Looms- January 16, 2018
Will Our Strong Economy Spike Inflation in 2018?- January 9, 2018
Report: China Not To Overtake US Economy Until 2032- January 2, 2018
US Consumer Confidence Exploded in 2017- December 26, 2017
The Economy: Holiday Spending Strongest in Years- December 19, 2017
Lots of Good News in the November Jobs Report- December 12, 2017
Thoughts on GOP Tax Cuts & China’s Faltering Economy- December 5, 2017
Another Government Shutdown Looms In January- November 28, 2017
Household Debt Rises to New Record of $13 Trillion- November 21, 2017
If Corporate & Individual Tax Cuts Fail, Stocks Will Plunge- November 14, 2017
The GOP Tax Reform Plan That Almost No One Likes- November 7, 2017
Can the US Economy Sustain 3% Growth? The Answer is Yes- October 31, 2017
Why We Need New Leadership at the Federal Reserve- October 24, 2017
Trump Packing Federal Courts With Conservative Judges- October 17, 2017
Excessive Regulation Is A Huge Tax On The US Economy- October 10, 2017
Cutting The Corporate Tax Rate Would Benefit Everyone- October 3, 2017
Most Investors Don’t Make What The Markets Deliver- September 25, 2017
U.S. Debt Tops $20 Trillion - Stocks Soar To Record Highs- September 19, 2017
War With North Korea Could Spark New Bear Market- September 12, 2017
America’s Middle Class is Making a Strong Comeback- September 5, 2017
Enormous Challenge For Congress Before Fiscal Yearend- August 29, 2017
Fed Says US Economy Growing at 3.8% in 3Q-Really?- August 22, 2017
The US Economy is Finally Gaining Momentum- August 15, 2017
Fed in a Real Quandary - No Good Policy Options Now- August 8, 2017
Imagine A World Without Cash - A "Cashless Society"- August 1, 2017
Why Tax Reform is So Important for the Economy- July 25, 2017
More & More Americans Having to Work Past Age 70- July 18, 2017
Federal Spending to Top a Record $4 Trillion in FY2017- July 11, 2017
Record Six Million Unfilled Jobs in US-What’s the Problem?- July 3, 2017
One-Third of Millennials Are Living With Parents- June 27, 2017
Fed Plans To Trim Its Massive $4.5 Trillion Balance Sheet- June 20, 2017
Odds Rise For "Inverted Yield Curve" & New Recession- June 13, 2017
Debt Ceiling Deadline Moved Up to August From November- June 6, 2017
1Q GDP Revised Upward, But Growth Remains Anemic- May 30, 2017
Household Debt Hits New Record High, Stocks Stumble- May 23, 2017
Economists Expect Big Jump In 2Q GDP - We’ll See- May 16, 2017
Greatest Gift For Your Kids Or Grandkids (Or You)- May 9, 2017
The Fed/Central Banks’ $13 Trillion Gorilla in the Room- May 2, 2017
44% of US Households Don’t Pay Any Federal Income Tax- April 25, 2017
Big Retailers Closing Stores At Record Pace In 2017 - Why?- April 18, 2017
Government Shutdown Looming? Not Anytime Soon- April 11, 2017

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