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Gary D. Halbert
President & CEO

Gary D. Halbert grew up in Lubbock, Texas, where he also graduated from Texas Tech University. From there he went to the American Graduate School of International Management ("Thunderbird") in Phoenix, Arizona where he received his Masters Degree in International Business.

Gary started his career with a major multi-national commodities company. But in 1984, he decided to leave the ranks of the big brokerage firms and, along with his wife Debi, founded ProFutures, Inc. In the years that followed, ProFutures expanded its services while staying within its original mission of matching client needs with suitable professional money managers. In addition to its futures funds, the firm organized a series of private hedge funds in equities and an offshore currency fund.

In 1995, Gary’s clients began asking for help with their more traditional investments, including mutual funds. Realizing that the principles that apply to selecting a traditional money manager are similar to those required to select Commodities Trading Advisors, Gary formed ProFutures Capital Management, Inc., later to become Halbert Wealth Management, Inc. HWM’s flagship service is AdvisorLink®, an innovative program offering HWM’s clients access to active management strategies from third-party money managers with the goal of producing absolute returns.

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